Our Services

Successful sports marketing campaigns employ a variety of strategies

In this fast-paced, attention-driven world, sports marketing has emerged as a formidable force.

We provide all the sports media services under one roof

We are razor focused on providing the best in class sports marketing and advertising solutions to our clients.

Sports Media Strategy

We work closely, sometimes like an extension to your marketing team at each step of structuring the sports media strategy.

In-Stadia Advertising

In-stadia Advertising is the most original form of advertising and participating in a sport event.

On-Ground Marquee Event’s Sponsorship

Decision to partner with marquee events such as IPL, ICC, India bilateral requires a long term sports activation strategy and critical insights on the best mix of assets, media rights, broadcast rights, price points and learning’s from the best used cases.

League Teams Partnerships

We have the right relationships, understanding and experience in stitching, executing and activating the league team partnerships for our clients.

Sports Media Planning

We share unique and strategic relationships with the leading sports media platforms in India.

Talent/Brand Face

We understand the value a strong brand face brings to the table. Our talent team is most sought after and has decades of experience in structuring and executing talent deals.

Sponsorship Activation Program

Sponsorship activation program plays a critical role in the success of any sponsorship. We start working on the activation program at the early stages of deal signing to ensure that the rights are best utilised from the day of contracting itself.

Hospitality Program

Whether your target audience is a college going kid or a trade B2B business owner, there is nothing more impactful than delivering a memorable and priceless match-day experience for them.