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About Us

We take pride in being the only company in India with expertise of providing all the sports media services under one roof.

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Our story & achievements

We started operations in the peak of pandemic in 2020 when a bunch of like minded professionals got together over a zoom call to discuss what’s missing in the current range of services in our respective organisations. When we started listing down the reasons why clients are unhappy with the services provided by the media agencies today which claim to be know it all, we were unpleasantly surprised to notice the same problems across the top 3 of the industry. And these are the same agencies which stretched and worked on the pitch presentation over many nights to win the client. What happens when the client is won? what changes? The unanimous view was that most teams don’t care and are not reliable and accountable for the client’s mandate. Being part of large global teams, the thing they most care about is what will work for their bosses and where the incentives for the team are aligned. Client’s growth and KPIs are not always their priorities. Lack of specialists is another reason why clients get frustrated and look for external help from time to time, specially in case of sports.

Hours of discussions spanned over many days led us to a conclusion that there is a need gap and clients deserve better. This is when we started putting together a plan and started assembling an Allstar team. Allstar digital was born. In the last 3 years of operations, we have worked over hundreds of projects with 20+ clients whom we consider more like our partners. We are building a team of reliable, accountable, efficient close knit team which considers our client’s objectives as their own. Servicing and Sports are two pillars around which all our internal training programs revolve. We hope to make an impact by providing best in class sports media services to our partners year after year.

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